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Poe’s Jacket Star Wars Cookies

Cookiefied versions of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens'” best character: Poe’s Jacket.
Course Dessert
Total Time 3 hours
Servings 18 Cookies
Author Tracy



You Will Also Need

  • Piping bags
  • A coupler and #2 tip



  • Cover cookies by dipping them in the cinnamon icing. Use a knife to scrape off the excess and clean up the edges. Set aside to harden.
  • Separate royal icing into three bowls. 1/4 in two of them and 1/2 in the third. In one of the small bowls, make black icing. In the other small, make the maroon. I used mostly red with a couple drops of yellow and green. In the largest, make your brown icing. I used about 57 drops of red, 45 green, and 11 yellow.
  • Stir and check the consistency of your icing. You want 15-second icing, which means, if you run a knife through it, it takes about 15 seconds to fill back in. If it is too thick, add a little water to it in 1/4-teaspoon increments. If it becomes too thin, stir in a little sifted powdered sugar.
  • If your cookies are firm enough to handle without smudging the base icing, you can begin piping. Otherwise, cover the royal icing and wait.


  • Fill your piping bag with the brown icing and pipe on the jacket details.
  • Switch to maroon and do the breast line and shoulder patch. I used a toothpick to spread the icing around and get into the corners.
  • Finally, switch to black and do the accents and fill in the shirt. Again, using a toothpick for the corners if needed.


  • Allow to dry for at least four hours before stacking or packing. The royal icing will dry quickly, but the base icing needs a few hours, or it will dent and smear.


*You want your royal icing thick to start, because your food coloring will thin the icing considerably. (If you use the recipe I linked to, the starting consistency is perfect.)
It's not best practices, but I just took apart and rinsed out and dried my piping bag and coupler in between each color. I hate wasting bags.
Packaging note: Make sure to use grease-proof cookie bags when packaging your cookies! The plain brown lunch bags I used for photos began to show marks after an hour or so.